February 28, 2023

Three Reasons to Foster a Teen

Did you know that teens make up more than half of all the youth in foster care? Refugee Foster Care is no different—the youth in the program are usually 14-17 years old when they arrive in Utah. No matter their age, kids need a loving family and a safe place to call home. So, why foster a refugee teen?  

Receive a Placement Sooner After Getting Licensed  

When you begin the fostering journey, many start with an age parameter. While boundaries and expectations are healthy, they can cause placement to take a longer time. By focusing on the youth’s needs, many families find themselves no longer worrying about the child’s age. This decision can make an enormous difference in the lives of the teen you might care for. Instead of focusing on age, families are encouraged to focus on determining their capacity to care for a youth’s needs. 

You Become a Crucial Part of Their Support System  

Navigating early adulthood is challenging, but it’s especially difficult without someone to guide and support you. When fostering a teen, you can help them grow into adulthood, graduate from high school, and experience the gratifying milestones of growing up with them. You can be the one to help them achieve their dreams and see it in real time. When teens age out of foster care without a place to call home and someone to call a family, they face many unique challenges. Families that take in teens greatly impact the life trajectory of these youth.  

They Can Change Your Life for the Better

Teenagers can communicate their thoughts and feelings, and are more responsible for many of their own needs. They don’t need diapers or bottles and they sleep through the night. While teens come with a unique set of  challenges, another benefit of fostering a teen is that they are already self-sufficient in many ways. They are resilient, and can share their knowledge, cultural experience, and talents with you as well.  

Interested in learning more about Refugee Foster Care? Refugee Foster Parent Information Meetings are held via Zoom on the first Wednesday of every month at 6:30 pm. For more information on becoming a foster parent fill out an inquiry form here.