Louie, also known as “The Friday Meat Man,” has been volunteering at Catholic Community Services’ Joyce Hansen Hall Food Bank for around seven years. 

Initially, Louie was drawn to volunteering on Fridays because Fridays are Senior Day at the facility.  

Before retirement, Louie worked as a Registered Nurse. For 15 years, he owned a home healthcare company for seniors as well. Transitioning to volunteering with seniors at the pantry was a “natural transition” for him. 

“I enjoy interacting with the seniors and helping them out,” Louie said. “I enjoy helping them pick out meat, giving them recipe ideas—telling them jokes, listening to their jokes, and laughing of course.” 

As can be guessed by his nickname, while in the pantry, Louie stocks the meat section of the facility.  

“Some of the clients call me the ‘Meat Mafia’ but I bring the meat out from the back freezers,” Louie said. “I stock the freezers in the food pantry where seniors come through and choose what they want.” 

Louie says that while volunteering, it’s important to him to greet clients as they come in and be the friendly face that enlivens their day. 

“I have relationships there,” Louie said. “Several of them come in and know me by name and vice versa. I try to make them feel comfortable with the situation that they’re in.” 

Volunteering at Joyce Hansen Hall Food Bank has taught Louie to accept people as they are, to roll with the punches, and to treat people with respect. 

“Clients don’t always look like us, they don’t dress like us, they don’t act like us, or talk like us,” Louie said. “But they deserve to be treated with respect and dignity.” 

Thank you, Louie for volunteering with us and for all that you do for the clients of Catholic Community Services. 

Learn more about volunteering at Joyce Hansen Hall Food Bank, here. 

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