April 14, 2023

St. Vincent's Kitchen Academy Holds Luncheon

St. Vincent’s Kitchen Academy is a twelve-week culinary training program designed to provide those impacted by employment barriers with both culinary and life skills.  

Towards the end of the program, the students of St. Vincent’s Kitchen Academy prepare a catered lunch to put their knowledge to work. 

The students of the current cohort recently held their lunch at St. Vincent de Paul Dining Hall. They prepared a wedge salad, caprese skewers, grilled garlic shrimp, chicken breast with poulet sauce, orzo and rice pilaf, seasoned cous-cous and seasonal vegetables. 

Following the lunch, the students six students of this cohort, the most in the program’s history, will complete an externship with local businesses ahead of their graduation on April 18. 

Learn more about St. Vincent’s Kitchen Academy here.