September 14, 2021

A Fresh Start and An ID Card

Catholic Community Services’ Weigand Homeless Resource Center offers clients not only a daytime shelter, but also a wide variety of services and resources designed to empower clients as they work towards long-term self-sufficiency.  

These resources include case management, resume and job placement assistance, a computer lab to search for employment and benefit programs, and more.  

One issue that many Weigand Center clients face is loss of legal documents and identification.  

Recently, a client named Ken visited the center looking for help re-establishing documentation.  

Ken was recently released from prison, at which point he had nowhere to call home. He was able to connect with a local resource and was given a bed in a transitional program for those recently released from prison.  

Although Ken had a place to sleep, what he didn’t have was an ID or his naturalization card. Ken visited the Weigand Center for help with his documents. He had a job interview lined up but needed to present an ID to be hired. 

A Client Advocate at the Weigand Center, Mary, was able to quickly get Ken an appointment for a naturalization card. She also worked with the Social Security office to obtain a letter stating that Ken was working to get an ID. Ken was able to present that letter to his potential employer as proof of his ability to work in the United States.  

Because of Mary’s help, Ken was able to take a step toward sustainable income and permanent housing.  

Learn more about the services offered by the Weigand Homeless Resource Center here.  




*Name has been changed to protect the client’s identity