Employee Spotlight

19 January 2017 Published in News & Events

Congratulations to our Employee Spotlight: Carrie Auman! 

Carrie came to CCS nearly 9 years ago and transferred to the Refugee Foster Care Program in 2015. Now RFC wonders what we ever did without Carrie’s efficient, funny, thoughtful, sharp mind and her helping hands. Carrie has a knack for gracefully sailing into an office conundrum and saving the day. She is an office anchor with her rock solid dedication to improving service delivery to clients and supporting staff in large and small ways, easing the heavy burden of case manager and family consultant alike. What RFC loves most about Carrie is that we all can flop down in the soft chairs in front of her desk and pour out the day’s troubles to her. When we do, we feel cared for, listened to, and touched by her simple and profound observations. Carrie Auman is the “Care” in Refugee Foster Care. Congratulations to you Carrie for your well-deserved employee spotlight award.

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