Emergency Appeal

25 January 2017 Published in News & Events

Refugees Need Your Help

Emergency Appeal- Catholic Community Services of Utah (CCS) needs your help to ensure that the hundreds of refugees and immigrants we help each year in Utah will be able to access our supportive services. Please consider donating to CCS. Any amount can make a difference in the live of those fleeing persecution. The Executive Order banning refugees for 120 days signed by President Trump will halt federal funding for our program, which puts our many services in jeopardy. Affected services include employment, education, cultural orientation, housing and health care.

Our emergency appeal will allow us to continue to help all our refugee friends become employed and adjust to their new life in Utah, helping those seeking to reclaim the lives they have lost to war and violence. Catholic Community Services of Utah (CCS) has resettled over 30,000 refugees in Utah since the 1970’s. We are committed to providing help and creating hope for the least among us, regardless of race, religion, or personal circumstance.

Our country was founded as a refuge for those looking to escape religious persecution and violence, and our state similarly became a sanctuary for those who had to flee because of their religion. We ask you to continue our national and state legacy of welcoming and protecting those who want to live and practice their faith in peace. By taking action together we can ensure our brothers and sisters around the world have a safe haven and that our newest Americans can continue their journey to self-sufficiency.


Catholic Community Services of Utah (CCS) and Utah will stand with refugees and immigrants in the wake of the Executive Orders regarding their resettlement and entry into the United States. But we need your help! Here are some things you can do:  


CCS and the refugees and immigrants we serve need your help now more than ever. Each donation helps to continue our case management and legal services. DONATE NOW 


Let your representatives know you do not support a ban on refugee resettlement or a wall separating countries. Call and email them locally and nationally. CONTACT YOUR REP.


More than anything, newly arrived refugees need a friend. Volunteer with CCS and help them navigate their new world in America, show them they are welcome and loved. Volunteers are needed in many different capacities. To get involved email  or click here for more information.

Become a Foster Parent

CCS offers a unique opportunity, not available anywhere else in the State. Through our Refugee Foster Care program, we resettle unaccompanied refugee minors and place them in foster homes in our community. These are children who have been separated from their families, left orphaned by war, migrated alone, or trafficked. Alone they have made their way to refugee camps and placed in our care. You can help by giving them a chance at a happy childhood and a bright future. Email or click here for more information. 

For more information on refugees click here.


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